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Always finish his shampoo by a jet of cold water to revitalize the hair by closing the keratin scales.


a lemon can squeeze, pour the juice on her hair, and rinse with cold water. For a similar effect, use in the final rinse water some vinegar cl. Gloss Recipe old: treat with beef marrow where we add a spoonful of rum and an egg yolk. Rinse three times rather than one! For dry, dull hair, Leonor Greyl puts a dab of the Cream Natural Glow in the palm of the hand. She takes it with a brush (boar) and ends styling brush. One thing that comes hairdressers 50s many charged for Harcourt studios models.


Before shampooing, soak your hair in a real oil bath, for example Leonor palm oil incomparable Greyl, or Ales oil lamp on the lengths to which you add a dab of cream days for hair Phyto 7 Leave for half an hour in an aluminum or plastic cup, then wash and rinse thoroughly. Version bio: hazelnut oil or grape seed oil (in health food stores). The oils are applied to skate all the hair and shelter virtues sometimes too stripping shampoos. The ideal is to prolong the pleasure of the bath for the happiness of your hair: about two hours.


It is not sustainable shine, so your hair will not shine with health. Some capsules every morning with your tea, you can ensure beautiful hair ... (Phytophanère of Phytosolba, Volumatine Carita, Agevit marine trace elements and Catherine Moreau, of course, Gel-Phan and cystine B6 Laboratoires Pierre Fabre and Bailleul.)


If you have an hour of freedom: Start with a scalp massage with Omniplacenta Carita. This cream nourishes both ends of your hair, those in greatest need: scalp and spikes. To accelerate the penetration of active, put yourself if you can under a lamp (in lounge, it is a helmet) infrared. Then wash gently and rinse thoroughly (five minutes, watch in hand). The very thorough rinse overrides weighting cream: without it, your hair would not hold. You can also get to this treatment, called The Great care in a private cabin at Carita, in luxury and serenity. The result ? Brilliance, a volume that will push you to a ">> return to it. "The Great Care >>, the" living Carita, 11, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris 8th


To each his brilliance, to consider the personality of your hair: dry, oily, colored, bleached ... The choice of shampoo is decisive. Some will also need a XXX gel, others an oil: you put the diagnosis of Jean-Michel Henry. A brightness trick often used in living room: make products for tips, especially when they contain silk fibroin and apply them in small quantities, the entire length of the hair after drying. They will be both smooth and shiny. Restructuring Serum Vitaminé the silk fibroin, Phytosolba. Restructuring concentrated Vitaminé Formula Gloss silk fibroin, Jacques Dessange. Complex repair split ends forks anti-glare, Carita. Repair Serum split ends Kérastase Nutritive, L'Oréal. Concentrate Special Tips, Elsève.


This is a real rite, popular with Orientales, which also comes the tradition of oil baths. Scenting our hair is not yet entered our habits, but "would have to adopt this sumptuous Western tradition," said Jean-Michel Henry. This rite, he accomplished with his client exclusively. How? Simply nimbant their hair incense smoke, after shampooing, when they are still wet. We put in a censer of coals is brought to incandescence and on which you drop grains of incense. Be reassured, your hair will not smell the sacristy. This smoke will serve as revealing the perfume you have put on your skin and your neck (especially not on the hair themselves!) You can make simple, but it is somewhat less effective, spraying your cologne on neck, after shampooing and immediately prior to drying. When they are clean, your hair grab all fragrances: there they will take yours. Instead of your perfume, you can also add to your last rinse water of rose water. With this humble rose water purchased in pharmacies, you can enhance your favorite perfume if he, too, made from roses: Paris of Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme's Trésor, Rose Cardin, or Her Majesty The Rose Serge Lutens ...


They hide in the products you use often: serum oil Caritrix of the Carita smells deliciously orange, Cosmil shampoos in Eugene, have a somewhat sweet odor; the Phytolaque Phytosolba of perfume close hawthorn; the Phytomiel shampoo Phytosolba Perlier and the good smell of honey ... These perfumed pleasures not to be missed For women-flowers there in the capillary specialist Jean-François Lazartigue shampoo smelling orchid. then sprayed on damp hair or dry, the "perfuming the Orchid", formulated to treat, shine and flavor at a time. Yet another way of Renouee well with the Eastern tradition of oiled and perfumed hair. Similarly, young girls and women who perfume Anais Anais by Cacharel can go "all in one >>, that is to say wash your hair while perfuming them their favorite fragrance. They will gain in brightness thanks to silk proteins mingled perfume (The Hair of Anaïs, Shampoo, Gel and Spray).

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