Jean-Michel Henry ‘s life change at 19 years old he was noticed by Miss Maria Carita, which makes entering the home of legendary hairstyle .she founded with her sister Rosy rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris in the glittering years of the post-World war II.

Carita, in the 1960s and 1970s, has emerged as the first hair salon in the French capital, more precisely in the whole world. The two sisters have invented the most modern cuts, the most luxurious care, the French touch appears…Catherine Deneuve, Jean Seberg, Caroline of Monaco, Jerry Hall, Mireille Mathieu, Sylvie Vartan, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, Françoise Giroud ... all, and many others, are capped by Carita. Jean-Michel Henry will be part of this adventure for a quarter century.

Born April 21, 1952 in Dampierre en Bray in Normandy this recently liberated by the Allies, the future star of the Parisian hair belongs to a family of French farmers. Attached to its soil - there has also kept a home - He would rather be a priest, actor, singer ... His mother, soon including atypical gifts of his son, decided to place the 16 years in the hairdressing school Eugene Gallia in Paris. There CAP will get his hair and was hired as colorist-permanentiste in Mortal Jacques in the 20th arrondissement. All her clients call quickly "Jean Michel". He was already a passion for art, dance, and opera singing.

In 1972, starting for the new hotel on the Left Bank PLM St. Jacques, then known as the "most modern in the world" hotel and meeting place of artists, writers, actors and show business personalities like Samuel Beckett, Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Dutronc, Jean-Michel Henry must make four successive stages in order to reach the level of competence required by his new employer. These were to be held in the largest hairdressers of the time: Carita, Alexander, Maurice Franck and Guillaume. First performed decide the radical career shift: Miss Maria Carita asked him to return permanently to his house. Farewell Rive Gauche, PLM farewell

By July of that year, Maria Carita sent Jean-Michel Henry in New York as assistant to Vogue US, to work with the greatest: Richard Avedon, Arra Galant, and Veruschka, supermodel supermodel of the time. In 1973 he worked for the Wedding magazine with the great photographer René Louis Astre; This will start a studio career, wearing the colors of the stye Carita for the most répités magazines: Vogue (American and French), the Selfish Nicole Wisniak, ELLE, Marie Claire, L'Officiel, Joyce Marie France ...

Customers begin to tear Prime Hairdresser Carita home for his wedding hairstyles and for their festivals and head dinners. Since 1974 Jean-Michel Henry began a long collaboration with fashion houses Christian Dior, Hanaé Mori, Pierre Cardin, Louis Feraud, Loris Azzaro, Emanuel Ungaro ... At the same time, he worked for various prestigious clients, Princesses, queens, countesses ...

For over thirty years Jean-Michel Henry travels the world to work its magic. He visited the United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Baraim, Spain, England, Switzerland, Germany and Morocco for official missions (a seminar hairdressing lessons that it gives Japan in 1989), parades, press shootings or for private clients.

Jean-Michel uses always a leading designer portfolio to accessorize and accompany his works. Lachaume the house adorns his request hairstyles of natural flowers that goes on dry ice. His favorite milliner, Josette regretted the "Head to Head" and his assistant Sandrine Bourg (which will replace it in the 2000s, creating his own house) next ride his props specifications, the wiser the craziest adapted to worn.

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